Unwarranted Workplace Stress for Newcomers

Man loaded with workplace stressAny person who has a got a mind of his own and uses it is bound to face adversities. They will be questioned, their ideas will not only be rejected at the first go but be told downright that it is hampering the firm where he / she works.

Have Confidence When Unable to Achieve Targets

When struggling with ‘targets’ it is likely that you have to face not-so-pleasant confrontations. At such times just remind yourself that it is after clearing thorough exams and passing interviews that has given you an entry in the workplace. Your capabilities has secured a place in that institution. The employer has not hired us as a favour.

Should You Accept Unfairness?

Lady dealing with workplace stress
Many advices will pour in from people from various walks of life starting from friends, seniors, neighbours, relatives as well. Bottom-line was that being treated unfairly is a common thing and happens everywhere. My question to this explanation was only one – so am I also expected to tolerate this? How does this being a common and usual scene ease my stress or should make me content of having to listen to bull s**t from seniors? Many painful and hurting incidences have left a dent in quite many youngsters’ lives forever and all because some senior had personal grievances and wanted to be feared.

Demarcate Respect & Fear

Stress Relieving Kit
Fear is not something which is a factor for respecting anybody whosoever. When you start noticing that you are being cornered or pulled up every time for something not that serious you develop a fear of having to be I that ugly situation with the same person and you give in to avoid confrontations. But it is not worth it if you lose your peace of mind at the end of the day so talk to other seniors or your boss’s senior to address the issue. Prefer a written communication if you think verbal conversation won’t be entertained or cause unwanted attention among fellow mates.

Do Not Tolerate Non-Decorum

Remember there is a decorum of talking everywhere, be it workplace or family. If there is a breach in that you have all the rights to speak up. If the seniors are deliberately singling you out & their bad behaviour is getting onto you, talk with perfect poise in presence of others. This will be a situation where he / she will be in front many pairs of ears and eyes and this might bring the ‘Dracula’ in him / her in front of others and then you will have addressed your point to not only that particular person but automatically to others too! 😉

Don't let workplace stress get onto you, calm your mind.

Do not take office unpleasantries to heart as it can cause a lot of stress on the personal front too. The peace of mind is above everything in this world and more importantly, above ANY PERSON (read boss or senior).


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    well its a standard catch 22 becasue if he or she move to a microtransaction system it’ll imbalance the game or when stay with the current system you got to pay subscription

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