Indian Wedding Vows

They say marriage is altogether a new beginning of life, a different life (sure it has it’s own pluses & minuses too I presume). Responsibilities is probably the all encompassing word that youngsters would define it as but I think it is just one aspect of it.


The one big thing that everyone desires in life is security. Marriage provides that to both the individuals who are participants in this set up. It gives emotional security to the woman as well as man & a sense of duty and purpose of earning for the latter. Well, of course I am just talking about the idea of starting a life together in the ‘marriage.’


Having someone by your side at all times come what may is something that people from all kinds of generation & walks of life value. Prolonged loneliness can even kill a person whereas having someone to share with, care for, be cared for is something very soothing if not pleasurable at all times.

I love to brood on human relationships & human emotions. Marriage has caught my fancy these days πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. where are the other aspects? Sacrifice, comfort, understanding, re-learning process??? hmmm.. well I guess one month down the line you need only discuss about two!!!


    • Hi decorqueen! πŸ™‚ Happy to note this post brought forth these points from you. I will eventually write on the different aspects of marriage. But… I am inquisitive to know what sacrifice means or has got to do in a marriage? Do you mind enlightening please?


      • Sacrifice is to give up something for a dear one’s sake and the entire “give-up” process is neither painful nor does it take more than a moment to decide the plan of action. Some people say that marriage is all sacrifice and nothing else but that statement would definitely come from people who’s partners prove to be of no interest in the relationship… hope my answer helps!


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