Ill Tempered Husband

Ill Tempered HusbandMany girls face this situation in a marriage where their partners suffer from a dangerous disease, ill temper. Short tempered is different & is understandable because it is often triggered with something directly related to the issue at hand or is vent out at the wrong place for some other reasons. Usually this short temperament lasts for a short while. It may be as short as the very instant the words of anger are out of the mouth.

What is Ill Temper?

A typical example of an ill tempered husband is that he will want to prove he is right in a debated topic plus gather all the sympathy he can from people related to him & in a bid to prove himself correct he will go as far as to tarnish his most beloved person whom he sees as his opponent that time.

He will care for absolutely nothing, viz., he will call names, abuse, hit, broach up topics of previous sorted out fights, question & comment on your character, show signs of doubt, become overtly possessive, violent, etc. You will feel as if you do not know this person at all & feel scared.

Realisation & Solution

This is crucial for the person suffering from this to understand that there is a problem with them. It is a serious behavioural issue, with treatment of course. The treatment can be medicinal or simply therapeutic. One that I know for sure is to talking to him & making him realise that his behaviour hurts you as well as others.

It is necessary to make him realise how inappropriately he behaves when he is angry. Then leave the ball in his court & give ample time to let him open up to you about what is the root cause of his outburst on the fight you had. Be stern after he calms down & maintain a dignified silence so that he doesn’t find forgiveness so easily from you.

Check for signs of insecurity of any kind. You as a victim should have an outlet to the stress caused. Remember the most important thing of all, love yourself, retain your self confidence & keep the hope alive. Everything falls in place.


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