Threat to Independence of a Married Girl

Independent Indian BrideGirls have to adjust the most in an Indian marriage set up. I specifically mention Indian marriage because the girls have to live with the groom’s family & adapt completely to their lifestyle, culture, eating habits, social habits and so much more.

Thoughts Before Marriage

I was contemplating the scenario with my new family with regards to the fiercely independent streak I have. Born & brought up in India I have grown up seeing ladies (read married women) compromise so much on their basic independence. Sometimes I feel is it really the typical male dominance in this country that makes these women tolerate and stay happy or is it simply a matter of personal choice…

I had made up my mind I would never let my honest (brutally honest actually), frank behaviour be suppressed by either my husband or in-laws. Little did I know what situations & events would come my way and that I will have to alter my ways.

Troubled Marriage Experiences

This is making me think today about all the working & independent girls who quit their jobs, leave their homes to start a new life only to find something amiss in their marriage. A relationship should bring a sense of security and no threat from either the person directly related to you or the associates.

Independence of a human being is a basic requirement & that should be untouched in any relationship. What is it that makes women adjust to their wanting marriages?


2 thoughts on “Threat to Independence of a Married Girl

  1. Like i always say… if there is love there are no adjustments. It’s only the pleasure of doing something extra special for the one you love… Just like a mother will never want to hurt her own child purposefully.. same is the case of a happily married couple…
    Come to think of it, there are so many adjustments done when one is single as well..within one’s own family. But that doesn’t bother us because we have grown up seeing these people around us and we are very much used to their pattern. For someone who comes into our family as well, it would be annoying just the same way as it is for us!!


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