ExpatMum Journal

My husband has always been the “charitable” types. Keeping aside one’s own time to serve the community was his life ambition. Rather annoying!

One such episode marks the beginning of the long journey of self discovery and discovery of others.

“Tring” Tring” (definitely the phone rang in a very different tone but I’d rather stick with the classic ringtone).

“Hello,” said my husband (from here on he will be referred to as hubby).

“Of course aunty!” said TT to whom-so-ever was on the other side of the line.

Phone was disconnected and he turned his face towards me. I was sitting on my bed pondering what needs to be worn, after all it was the much awaited weekend and I deserved a good break from work, life (married life), confusing relatives and an entire bandwagon I was a part of.

“That was Mercy aunty. She needs a drop to Sharjah…

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