Identity of a New Bride in an Indian Family

I Won't Be a DoormatBeing a woman in India is not easy and that too an independent one. This land worships submissiveness and tolerance power in a woman even if it puts her character, sanity & simple logical behaviour at stake. The independence of mind is so difficult to handle and digest by the in-laws & may be at times the husband too.

The conditioning of the typical Indian male has been so strongly patriarchal that women really have to put aside her individuality & intelligence to be able to maintain amicableness in the new family. I mean, how does it justify to bring in an educated girl into the family thinking of all the lucrative free services she would render in the family business or be in-charge of the kids after they start their education? Will she not have a mind of her own?

Why is it that the Indian daughter-in-law gets her due identity & a rightful place in the family only after she bears a child? Why does she alone have to prove herself worthy of being a free family member? High time the insecurities in the older generation’s minds are erased by the sons at least if not by themselves.


2 thoughts on “Identity of a New Bride in an Indian Family

  1. Well, the society has a long way to go for sure… What can be done by a newly married girl or a to-be-bride is to keep her mouth shut and observe, listen and learn each and every character she is to call her own overnight. A wise woman keeps her head on the shoulder and her heart in a box!!

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    • You put it perfectly into words. Isn’t it just painful & unfair!
      How true “keep the heart in a box”…huh! And then they say why are women diplomatic & why is a woman surrounded by mystery so attractive! Hypocrites, aren’t they?


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