Coming Out of Hibernation

Hi Everyone! _/\_ (Namaste!)

Finally made an effort of coming out of the unintended hibernation & it’s nice to see the followers’ count the same, oh wait! it’s increased! 🙂 Thank you all for such patience & giving me this happiness.

In the coming days I would like to write about friendships & adventures during college time. Different ambitions and paths youngsters want to get into. I, for one have seen peers from different places and walks of life from India as well as abroad. Different walks of life for me means various kinds of mentality, thinking and analysing process, prejudices, acceptability of people, profession, subjects, social norms, so on and so forth.

It’s interesting to be surrounded by people of variety. It gives us freedom to choose who to hang out with, whom to follow, choose a friend, where to go to seek acceptability – of thoughts, of your clothing, of your principles, beliefs, ambitions, who to stay aloof from & with whom you would like to be associated with (not many get that chance in a small town coz you gotta mix with everyone).

Having said this I think I certainly am in a retrospective mode. There are some experiences in life that leave you puzzled as to why it happened, suddenly what went wrong, whose contribution was more, whose fault was it, who’s responsible for the present, why certain things did not happen, etc. May be later one day it will all makes sense as they say ‘Everything happens for a reason & everything happens for good.’ I don’t know how much of it is to be agreed with. Everything happens for a reason – yes, for sure. But does it happen for good? Only He knows… Seldom does he reveal His plans to man.

I think I won’t be wrong if I state that everyone does some retrospection at some point of time, though majority brush it aside thinking it’s just whiling away time or to put it more agreeable words ‘living in the past.’ But hey, do you know how many people tend to live burdened with their pasts & that this has got nothing to do be with one’s achievements in their own might? Came across this nice photo placard on a social networking site:

Forgive yourself. Don't become hostage to your past.

With this I shall take your leave for today & as someone so beautifully signs off…

Until next time!


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