Chapter 7- Office! Office!

Guys! You can’t miss this to-be-mom’s dilemma & experience of whether the poor thing should quit or continue office! A hilarious read for all the working women for sure and for homemakers all the same 🙂

Pregnancy and Office Boss

ExpatMum Journal

Chapter 7- Office! Office!

The next big thing (or scary thing!) after discovering that you are pregnant is the confusion about breaking the news in the office. I worked for a publishing house, CPI located in Tecom in Dubai. I was part of an online bridal magazine and my manager was a half-british, half-srilankan lady engaged to an Italian, living in Dubai. They planned to register their marriage in Cyprus and get royally wedded in Dubai with folks coming down from the UK and Italy. Whoever was supposed to manage the guest list would have to knocked himself/herself out before the wedding day itself!

Now as my peek-a-boo tummy was making its special appearances here and there from time to time, I realised that it was time for me to go into some serious confession mode. Rachel, the distribution manager was keenly observing the change in my dressing style- from…

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