What’s with Hanging Out with Unknown People!

Alright, I am admitting I am sceptical about this topic even before I begin to write. I have seen this trend among teenagers and youngsters of hanging out with new friends and inviting the friends of newly made friends. Do they even know what hanging out means? I mean, I am in my twenties and a working professional and to me hanging out means to go out with a friend or a group of friends to relax and unwind. Definitely not with people whom I don’t know well!

The most tricky & intriguing part

What do you do in case you fall out with your once-upon-a-time best buddy, how do you behave with the related circle? Do you be rude to them or maintain an out-of-sight-out-of-mind attitude or downright ignore them? Yeah that happens! I often see people ‘unfriending’ the extended group or some particular individual from their world – their so pervasive world (read social networking accounts) and that’s the highest form of causing people stress, according to these virtual entities.

I am not even considering the consequences of someone falling for someone here and someone befriending someone more than the first friend. Imagine the complexities of emotions experienced by the poor friend who introduced his / her circle to the other. People have coined a name for that – friend poaching! Wow! I think that word says it all so I shall leave it at that.

Social networking - people and speech bubbles

What led to this post…

Well, a friend asked me this weekend why don’t I hang out and make friends… It set me thinking. Am I still in need of making new ‘friends’ and how does someone in their 20s go about trusting people and hoping they will become friends till end. Okay, I think here’s where all the doubt stems from. I am someone who looks for a long term and sincere association (isn’t that friends are meant for!) and a for-the-time-being thing like the today’s hip generation thrives on. Sorry! I ain’t comfortable being a party to any such thing.

Besides this, I have grown to strongly believe that to socialise one definitely needs to know and be thoroughly accustomed to take things casually as not everything of everyone you are bound to appreciate. And to think all this for just a casual friendship is like teasing the already raged bull to come & hit you. The everyday life in a city and more so in a highly competitive corporate sector is sufficient to make a person feel wanting for alone or self time. One rarely gets time to be with the family and have meals together. I think it’s true that a family that dines together stays together.

Of course when I say this I am leaving the majority out because many don’t stay with family for education and professional reasons. For them it could be taking time off to relax and completely unwind with their hobbies (don’t tell me there’s a dearth of hobbies these days… is there?) or anything that stays off the virtual world & unknown people! Am I wrong if I take this need for thrill as loneliness craving some attraction? The need to be liked, accepted, wanted may be?

Screw networking make friends instead

Screw networking make friends instead

Picture of Ms. Danielle van de Kemenade from her related post.

So, what’s it with the thrill of hanging out with unknown people that allures youngsters? I am eager to know! Can you convince me? (Don’t tell me it’s similar to dating!) Drop in your comments below for sharing anything about this.

Stay well !


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