Thanksgiving – Better Late than Never!

Alright! I am late. This was a long pending post for all my loyal followers! Initially when I got my follows I thought it was temporary and people will soon enough come back only to unfollow. Does it mean I had no confidence, heavens no! I jut wasn’t sure I would take building a blog this seriously. WordPress is surely an active blogging world and yeah, I like it better than other social networking sites, if I may term it as one.

Many thanks with warm regards!

I am sorry for not thanking each follower personally as I observe established bloggers do, I take this opportunity today to thank you all & even though we do not know each other personally it is nice to see you here in the form of a number near my follow widget. Having said this I can’t deny I am thrilled and excited too for seeing the count increasing by the day. Honestly, I never thought I could even manage one loyal follower but hey, I can say I have some interested ones too 🙂

Thanks for making me smile & giving me that little pleasure of seeing my ramblings being read. Lots of warm wishes to you guys there!

Stay well & blessed 🙂

Yours earnestly,


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