There’s a Void

lonely girl, sad love, separation quote

There’s a void, an emptiness
Wondering what went wrong when there was so much happiness…

Hope seems to be laughing at me
As if it knew what the result would be…

Time flew as it does
Now there’s no turning back as I blush
There’s a shame more than pain
Coz I pushed myself & gave a lot
But all in vain, all in vain…

The wait was long & painfully so
Will it happen or will it not?
Will he come or will he not?
Does he miss me or does he not?
No answers, but only hope to sow…

Tears washed away the fears
Strength regained by meeting peers
Work gave a renowned assurance
Money built up my distorted cheer…

It is finally the end, with lack of speculation & trend
May God bless us in this sensitive spell
As it may break the belief in love
After all, what’s left when the ego gains
And the poor heart is left to drain…

Nothing is unexpected or new
A known process of reverse bloom
Yet now there’s an emptiness
Wondering what went wrong when there was so much happiness…


8 thoughts on “There’s a Void

  1. Torque, many thanks for your visit and like. Great post. At one time or the other, there is that thing that seems to be lacking in our life. What we need is peace of assurance that all will be well. Regards.

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  2. Dear TE,

    Excellent poem! It has come out from depths of love.

    Such feelings are experienced by all of us at some point of life with our loved ones.

    Agreed! there remains an emptiness, yet, it all depends on how you look at it.

    It may not be possible to forget someone that close… but accept it and move on. Else, no point in bringing suffering on self.

    Whatever happens, happens for ultimate good.
    It would be the ultimate good for us in the long run but we may not realize it now.

    Hope this helps!

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    • Thank you for your kind words Pranit. I agree, everything happens for a reason & for good. I believe that God selects us to play a role in someone’s life – it may be for teaching someone a lesson or make him / her realise and value something.


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