I dream of you not every night

I dream of you…
Not every night but at nights when I don’t see you.

I remember you…
Not every day but while doing anything without you.

I have a hope…
Not that you’ll come back but that some day you’ll want me with you.

I pray for you…
Not every moment but whenever I talk to God.

I have an apology…
Not for you but for all the times I have hurt you.

I love you…
Not more than myself but more than you.

I miss you…
You’ll know how, if you’ve loved someone somehow.

But I know you…
You think I lie & I know I don’t mean anything to you.


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  1. roypeekay
    Oct 15, 2018 @ 07:24:29

    I have an apology…
    Not for you but for all the times I have hurt you.
    No. You apologize oonly to supreme sovereign almighty omnipresent God.
    He who knows you fully and completely.
    You don’t apologize to earthly creatures who are born like a maggot, scavenging for their survival.
    God, who forgives all sins but less “betrayal”.
    As soldiers, we suffered the greatest punishment if we betrayed.
    Friendship is the most meaningful relation in the realms of God’s kingdom. As He promised to be your friend all the time and eternally.
    He doesn’t betray and He doesn’t forgive he who betrays.
    Yours truly CU.



  2. Timothy Price
    Dec 03, 2015 @ 22:00:35

    Wonderful poem. Lots of feelings in it. Have have you been?

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