Roses are Red Foxes are Clever

flower bouquet of red roses on a red table



Working the Weeds

Doesn’t the title do justice to this pleasing image & the busy Lesser Yellowlegs?

Robin's Robins


Three Lesser Yellowlegs hunt for food along the edge of the reeds

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My Way is the High way

Catwalk 3.5 inch heels - shiny black & nude

Best Anti-Depressant for a Girl!


Why is Trusting God so Difficult At Times?


God always has better plans & things to give you. Whatever happens, happens for a reason & supposedly for our good. Have faith.

Some trying times simply makes us lose faith in Him. We question & feel sad that God’s not paying attention to us but that’s when we need to hold on to that faith real strong & see miracles happen.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. He takes note of everything & you will get your due. Be truthful & honourable to your conscience. Do no wrong. Tolerate no wrongdoings. Swimming against the tide is not easy & not everyone is capable of doing it. If you are, consider yourself a warrior & let not your valour bow down before anyone.

Bless you!

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Save the tig(e)ress



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