Look into my Eyes and tell

Look into my eyes; tell me I am a liar
Test my character; tell me I am a cheater
Fiddle around with verity; tell me I am a player
Try my patience; tell me I am rash
Peep into my heart; tell me I am happy
Look for a true companion; tell me I am not one
Fall in bad times; don’t you see me around?
Put your ego aside; am I not down to the ground?
Seek my love, is it too remote to find?
Why not try again; but you seem to mind!
It’s not you I know; and it isn’t somebody else that knows.

Ask for a link; you’ll find many
Look for a chance; you’ll get many
It’s only the will it takes, not an ounce of money
Look into my eyes; tell me I am a liar
Ask your conscience; tell me if it’s true
You never loved me, did you really do?


I didn’t Know what I Put at Stake

I can't make people Value me. All I can do is show them Who I am, what I Feel. It's up to them to realise my Worth.
I was losing myself; didn’t care about what I put at stake
I was being pushed deep down the dirty drain with false allegations & hurtful blames
I struggled hard to satisfy them; gave away everything I had
I tried my best to deny the complaints but only to have them amplified

I got up after every hard blow but the blows became harder to bear
I wound myself in a lonely shell, but only to be knocked down with a brutal tear
I was numb with their despicable outrage
They say with time everything wears out
But the only thing that went by was my age

They doubted my sanity, convinced my love I was mentally ill
My heart bled; I was a post graduate with subjects failed in nil
I was losing myself but had a strong hope that truth will prevail
I turned weak & didn’t realise I stooped too much instead of bend
I was losing my worth & love for self
Am I really abnormal & so bad? – were the only questions I ever had
I was losing myself; didn’t realise what I put at stake

I was made to fast & wear some stones
To put some sanity & purity in my soul
I did it all to convince my love
I was there & waiting just for you
Please be back & trust me soon
It’s hurting me no end; don’t you believe me or have I lost again?
I kept waiting for the call to get answered
Why didn’t you pick up & end the mystery?
Was I so threatening or you wanted to see me in misery?

I am losing myself, waiting only for the hope
Only to realise the months flew by with darkness to grope
Where are you, why did you leave me?
They said, “Come on son! Chuck her; treat her with your silence & be happy!”
They screamed & hurled bad words in his absence
There was no means to hold his hand & get in touch, other than just pray
But I had faith & a strong hope that our love will definitely pay

My sanity was questioned time & again; I didn’t know what I put at stake
It was the end of a year & was yet to hear from my dear
Hope was wearing away, leaving deep scars on my thin protective shell
I was sinking but still kept trying to prove myself
Then I learnt I had nothing to wait for, there was no one coming to take me
I now realised what I had lost & how much I put at stake

I discarded my worth & pushed respect out of my soul
Only for a promise that he had once made
My sanity is doubted till date; I still don’t know what they thought I would partake…

2014 in review (Gravity Gate)

If not anything to you guys, it does make for an interesting representation of stats! And it doesn’t harm to boast a little, does it? 😉

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,500 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Hope blurs Reality

Sometimes the most crippling emotion is hope; it blurs the stark reality.

~ Torque Earnest


Is Verbal Abuse OK at the Workplace?

Sir, hope you are doing well! 🙂 I absolutely second your view point in this post.
I had resigned from my 1st job because of this Editor whom I have described in one of my blog posts http://wp.me/p2OlCT-bC; maybe you should read it for a good laugh 😛

Been There Done That

On second thoughts, I should have retitled this ‘what’s the boss got to do with it?’

I read a quote recently by former president APJ Abdul Kalam that said, ‘Love your job, but don’t love your company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you.” I don’t completely agree with that, because sometimes a good company or a considerate boss can make you go that extra yard.

It was very flattering when an ex-boss told me he’d take me back because I had stuck to my ethics, when I had worked there. He told me I was one of the very few who knew what some of his managers were up to, and instead of joining them, preferred to walk out. Some years later he called me home and said he owed me an apology. I ca,’t possibly get a boss to apologise when they make a mistake, but when one says so, himself….! I haven’t met too…

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